Bộ môn VH – GTLVH mời tham dự BDCM chủ đề “Giao tiếp liên văn hóa trong các dự án nghiên cứu đa quốc gia và đa ngôn ngữ (ICC in multi-national and multi-lingual research projects)”

Khoa Ngôn ngữ và Văn hóa các nước nói tiếng Anh xin mời các thầy/ cô giảng viên, các nhà nghiên cứu, các em sinh viên, và những người quan tâm tham dự chuyên đề về giao tiếp liên văn hoá trong khuôn khổ bồi dưỡng chuyên môn của Khoa.

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Diễn giả: TS. Nguyễn Thị Thu Hằng

Thời gian: 8:30 sáng Thứ Năm ngày 19/10/2023

Trực tuyến tại Zoom ID: 975 0795 3788 | Passcode: dhnn231

Ngôn ngữ trình bày: tiếng Việt

Đơn vị tổ chức: Khoa Ngôn ngữ & Văn hóa các nước nói tiếng Anh

Thông tin diễn giả:

Dr Hang Nguyen (Nguyen Thi Thu Hang) is a lecturer in TESOL at the University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS), Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU). She was a Fulbright visiting scholar at the College of Education, Pennsylvania State University in 2022/2023. Her research interests are around the fields of international education, TESOL (with particular focus on TESOL for social justice, CLIL, translanguaging and intercultural communication), teacher professional development and initial teacher education. She has publications as a single author or co-author in Q1 journals (e.g. Teaching and Teacher Education, Journal of Education for Teaching, Language & Education, Language Research) and in high-ranked peer-reviewed journals in Vietnam. She has experience in internationally and nationally funded research projects in Vietnam. As a lecturer in TESOL, she has actively engaged in designing, leading and delivering courses both in Vietnam and the UK, as well as has been invited as visiting lecturer for HE institutions in the UK and Australia.

Thông tin về bài trình bày:

ICC in multi-national and multi-lingual research projects

Drawing on experiences gained from a number of collaborative projects I have participated in, this talk focuses on the challenges and opportunities that arise as researchers negotiate their identity representation amidst various intercultural differences inherent in international/multilingual projects. Emphasis is placed on exploring the cultural subtleties that shape communication styles, decision-making, and team members’ emotions and responses. The talk highlights the impact of intercultural communication (in)effectiveness on research outcomes, accentuating how an awareness and appreciation of cultural contexts can enhance data collection, analysis, and interpretation, thus improving research findings’ robustness. Ethical considerations will be highlighted throughout the talk, emphasising the role of researchers in maintaining ‘real’ collaboration through the navigation of potential cultural misunderstandings, adherence to ethical standards, and ensurance of a respectful representation of all partners involved. Based on my experience, I will put forward some practical strategies for enhancing intercultural/multilingual projects’ outcomes.

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